words from the heart ...

by Harriet Clifford

The Art of Listening & Massage


Not only do we hear with our ears, but our eyes, perception and intuition are also used (whether we are aware or not!)  

Everyone has varying levels of  each according to Therapeutic  Bodywork by Pamela Ann.  Some of us are more sense orientated (sight, sound, touch, smell). While others rely more on their ‘sixth sense’(feelings, hunches, semblance). Even the way we digest the world around us is a form of  listening. Some feel it, some sense it, and some perceive it. These varying levels gives us our own unique way of heeding the world. She mentions this does make for a smorgasbord of clients! 

This is a major element used to ‘gauge’ a client when they first arrive. How their movement is. Their facial expression as they step in. Even the attire they’ve chosen to come in speaks. The overall air of their arrival helps guide the work for that day’s  session which is equally important as to what they tell her.  

As the conversation begins the underlying tone along with the actual words used  (words generate our emotional energies) are noted. Once the session has begun her  ‘touch sense’ then comes into play giving the whole picture to determine what is needed and the stated wishes for that session. 

And yes, she says, this is a lot of work. But worth the effort when the end result  of the session is ‘just what the doctor ordered’