words from the heart ...

by Harriet Clifford

Coffee Arts at Swindell's Store

   Spacious, inviting, clean, and most of all ... tranquilizing. All in the dynamics of simplicity. An old time approach to choosing, buying, and paying. Once you step through those doors choices aren't overwhelming, and yet there is a variety of art works (paintings, pottery, photography) to ponder over along with greenery in colorful pots as well as homemade baked goods to delight the taste buds with. And all with the choice of a simple cup of $1.00 coffee. Be it known that there are some modern choices as alternative sugars are also available over white sugar as well as flavored syrup of your choice (and with no extra cost!)

Should you find yourself meandering around  the home of Blackbeard, not stepping through the doors of this little find would be a mistake. But do take note, you won't find her on any social media platform, as old-time simpleness is kept by word-of-mouth to find her! {located on South Main Street}