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The American Niagara Falls side


     Having grown up twenty minutes from the Canadian border in upstate New York near Niagara Falls. The breadth, power and beauty of the Niagara River still takes my breath away. My latest visit to New York had me trekking around this wondrous spot videoing its rush, and surge as it falls downward from the cliff to where the Maid of the Mist boat tour can be boarded and where all those brave souls will soon be pelted by the Niagara River’s vigorous descent. Utterly exhilarating and beyond. Mind you, staying dry is not  even remotely possible during this boat tour.

     Mists of the river’s spray forming makes for a wondrous vision of continual watery cloud bursts. Rocks dividing the river’s endless push gives hints of man’s delicateness. Accidentally slipping into one of these sights of beauty; for sure death will flash before anyone’s eyes. So  heeding signs displaying ‘where not to go’ is essential. And yet, the draw to its mastery never ceases for thousands. And that includes me, someone who could ogle this eighth wonder of the world quite easily when growing up.



     There are other portions to the American Niagara Falls side, such as the Horseshoe falls, which is next to the main falls, as well as Three Sisters Islands and Goat Island. All are within walking distance. A functional pair of walking shoes shouldn’t be left behind for a ‘showy’ pair for sure. And there are sign-maps along the way to guide you should its captivation absorb you so completely that you lose track of your steps! But driving to these other portions is also possible with public parking available (there is a fee to park in these lots, with some side street parking at no cost, but walking and viewing this eighth wonder is utterly free!)